Three Uses For An Abrasive Belt Grinder

Abrasive belt grinders are one of the most useful tools an industrial workplace or construction team can have. They are great for smoothing out surfaces, removing burrs, rounding out the edges of an object, or even changing the dimensions of a wood or metal object itself. You can use a belt grinder to finish or deburr an object or to remove the "stock" (extra material) on an object.


One of the most common uses for a belt grinder is to finish an object and apply a shiny polish. Sometimes, this is done for aesthetic purposes in an industrial environment for the sake of pleasing customers, but polishing is an important part of quality control for many materials. For example, polished metal is more resistant to rusting than unpolished metal, as there is less surface area for oxidizing elements to hold on to. Polished materials are easier to lubricate for the same reason. These elements make a belt grinder incredibly useful in a construction environment.


Belt grinders are also useful for the removal of burrs, or the extra metal compressed into sharp edges that can form during the manufacturing or storage of a metal material. Deburring is important, as without it you can easily find that your metal parts don't fit correctly even after all the right measurements are taken. Additionally, burrs make metal materials harder to work with, as the sharp edges are a source of danger. Deburring can be done through an abrasive belt grinder or through machines that make use of them, but grinders are one of the most portable solutions for a construction crew. They can allow you to ensure the quality of your metal yourself.

"Stock" Or Material Removal

Finally, you can always use a belt grinder to grind a material into the desired shape rather than removing imperfections. There may be times that metal parts need to be in an entirely different shape than what they came in, and welding can only go so far. At these times, you can use a belt grinder and effectively remove and re-shape the material as needed. Additionally, if your construction project requires wood, then a belt grind can be used to reshape or simply polish the wood itself as needed or per the client's request. These make belt grinders a great option for construction crews that need the tools to be flexible with their materials.

If you need an abrasive belt grinder for any of the above applications, contact a belt grinder supplier near you today.