Why You Should Rent a Crane That Has a Hydraulic System

When looking into crane rentals, you might have mostly looked at cranes that are powered by gas or diesel fuel. However, there are also cranes out there that are powered by hydraulic systems. Before you rent a different type of crane, you may want to learn more about hydraulic cranes. These can be ideal for these reasons and more. 

They're Less Likely to Break Down

One benefit of renting a crane instead of buying one is that you shouldn't have to worry much about maintenance or repairs. Instead, these things should be handled by the company that you rent the crane from. However, breakdowns of rental cranes can still impact you, since you might have to cease operations and wait for someone from the crane rental company to come out and repair the crane or send a replacement.

Luckily, cranes that have hydraulic systems are less likely to break down. This is because they have fewer pulleys, gears, and other moving parts, so there are fewer parts that can be damaged. If you want to rent or buy a crane that will be less likely to fail and break down when you're using it, you should consider a hydraulic crane.

They Are Able to Handle Heavier Loads

If you're planning on renting a crane, it's probably because you have a heavy load that needs to be picked up. Of course, you should know that some cranes are a lot stronger than others, and you might be surprised by the relatively small weight limits that some cranes have. If you want to rent a crane that will be able to lift the heaviest of loads without any problems, you might want to look into hydraulic crane rentals. This is a good idea because hydraulic cranes have hydraulic systems that help them lift bigger and heavier loads than what many cranes can handle. 

They're Typically More Compact

Despite the fact that they can typically handle heavy loads, hydraulic cranes are often more compact than more traditional cranes. If you are going to be working in a smaller space or if you would just prefer a crane that is less cumbersome and easier to handle, you will probably like a hydraulic crane. Of course, if you are very concerned about size — such as if you have a limited work area to work in — you should inquire about the specifications of the hydraulic crane before renting, just to be sure.