Three Ways In Which Heavy Construction Equipment Can Be Used As Mining Equipment

Mining can sometimes be a very slow, tedious process, especially when you first begin a mining company and a project, or when you hit some very hard rock and cannot get through. When you are looking for solutions to these problems early on, where should you turn? It should not surprise you that other mining companies occasionally or regularly use heavy construction equipment to solve their geological digging problems. Here are three ways in which heavy construction equipment can be used as mining equipment. [Read More]

Buying Used Equipment Can Benefit Your Company

As the owner of a small construction or demolition company, your biggest concern, aside from your employees, is your equipment investment. Deciding whether to buy new or used equipment can make a huge difference in your bottom line. When you are pondering your options, consider investing in used equipment instead of new machinery.  Needs New equipment will give you all the latest options and technology. It may also last longer and come with long-term warranties. [Read More]

Planning A Child's 5th Birthday Party? Rent A Moonwalk Bounce House For Them

If your five year old is having a party, you need to make sure you keep them and their friends busy having fun or they will get bored. One thing you can do that they will love is to rent a moonwalk bounce house for them. They will have a great time bouncing in it, and it will give you and the other parents time to sit back and relax while you are watching the kids play. [Read More]

How to Get a Large Back Yard Ready for a Garden

Are you moving into a brand new home, or are you finally ready to get your present large back yard ready for your dream garden? Either way, here are some ideas that might make the job easier for you. Establish a Plan Consider dividing the space into three main areas, a plant and flower garden, a vegetable garden, and a traditional lawn.  Think about what you want the focal points to be and go from there. [Read More]