Costs To Consider When Planning A Hydraulic Crane Rental

If you are a decision-maker for a construction project that will require a hydraulic crane, you may need to consider a rental if your company does not already own one. Some companies do not own certain types of heavy machinery if they do not require them for most of their projects. Other companies have multiple job sites at various stages of development, and it is possible to need a crane at more than one location simultaneously, which makes a crane rental sensible for production purposes. When a crane stops working unexpectedly, it might not be easy or affordable to get the repairs right away, making a rental a potential lifesaver to ensure deadlines are met. The following points will help you understand the costs associated with hydraulic crane rentals

Size of Hydraulic Crane Rental

The scope of your project will determine the size of the crane needed. You need to ensure that you use the right measurements to get the correct crane. If you can make the estimations, the crane rental company can pair you with the best crane to get the job done.

Anticipated Number of Days for the Rental

Some companies only need a crane for a day or two while they wait to get their company cranes repaired or serviced. A shorter rental will mean less cost for the rental. You may want to request the service for a day more than your anticipated end date for needing the rental. This ensures that if a project delay occurs, you will still have access to the rental. The rental company may schedule another rental based on the last day that you specify needing the crane. This means that they will need to retrieve it if someone else has paid and is waiting on the rental.

Access to a Trained Crane Operator

Some states require crane operators to have credentials to legally operate cranes. You may have to hire a crane operator if this applies to your state. If not, ensure that you have someone who is trained to safely operate a crane. This is an added expense if no one in your company is qualified. Some crane rental companies have lists of local crane operators who customers can contact for project work.

A heavy equipment rental company is a good resource for first-time renters to use in order to understand the aspects of renting a crane. They can help with scheduling the delivery and pick-up of the crane. If there are project modifications that result in the crane being need for a longer or shorter period of time, they can explain how that affects rental costs.