Planning A Child's 5th Birthday Party? Rent A Moonwalk Bounce House For Them

If your five year old is having a party, you need to make sure you keep them and their friends busy having fun or they will get bored. One thing you can do that they will love is to rent a moonwalk bounce house for them. They will have a great time bouncing in it, and it will give you and the other parents time to sit back and relax while you are watching the kids play. If you have a large party, consider renting more than one so the children won't have to wait in line very long. You may also be able to get inflatable slides and an obstacle course.

Setting it up

The company you rent the moonwalk bounce house from should set it up for you. The company will make sure it is placed near an electrical source. They may use a tarp on the ground to set the bounce house on to protect the bottom of it. If so, they will make sure there are no sticks, stones, or any other obstructions in the way.

The company will lay the tarp out, and place stakes on each corner to hold it down. They will then unload the bounce house from the truck, place it in the center of the tarp, and unroll it. Once it is unrolled, the company will secure the bounce house using ties to hold it down. This is an important part of setting it up, as you do not want it to fall down while the kids are jumping in it. The company will blow the inflatable house up using blowers that are plugged into the electrical source. It should not take long for the house to inflate, especially if it has more than one blower.

Cleaning the House

Once the moonwalk rental is set up, take your shoes off, and inspect the floor of it. If you see any kind of dirt or debris, first clean it with a damp cloth and a spray cleaner, and then use a small handheld vacuum to remove the debris. Go over it once more to ensure there is nothing in the house that the children could get hurt on.

When the house is erect, talk with the children on the proper way to use it. The company should tell you how many kids can safely jump at one time. Ask someone to attend the house at all times while the kids are jumping in it.