3 Important Considerations For Buying An Overhead Crane

Thinking about buying an overhead crane for use at your business? If so, and if this is your first time buying an overhead crane, then of course you want to find the right crane for a price that's within your budget. Surely, there are some specific considerations that should be kept in mind while shopping, but there are also some commonly overlooked factors that you'll want to be sure to take into consideration throughout the process.

​What Classification Do You Need?

For starters, make sure you understand the different classifications of overhead cranes so that you can determine the option that's right for your needs. Essentially, there are six different classifications for overhead cranes based on the frequency with which they're expected to be used. Class A cranes, for instance, are used the least frequently and are typically utilized in the handling of light loads. Class F cranes, on the other hand, are put into continuous operation and are required to haul heavy loads. By determining how often you'll be using the crane and what kinds of loads you'll be using it for, you can determine which classification is best for your needs.

What Are the Operator Controls Like?

These days, there are essentially two different types of overhead crane operation: those that can be controlled remotely and those that require an operator in the crane itself. While you'll pay more for a crane that comes with remote control capabilities, this may actually help to save your company money in the long run by streamlining your operations. Therefore, you'll need to determine whether or not it's worth it for you to spend a little more for a crane with remote capabilities.

What Kinds of Attachments Come With It?

Finally, make sure you know what kinds of crane attachments are coming with the unit itself, and make note of any attachments you'll need to purchase separately. If you're shopping directly with a crane supplier, they should offer some attachment packages that may save you money as opposed to purchasing them separately. They may also be able to give you recommendations for the types of attachments you might need based on what type of work you need the cranes for.

Shopping for an overhead crane--regardless of whether it's new or used--will take some time and careful consideration on your part. However, the effort will be more than worth it when you end up with a reliable crane at a great price. Contact Wazee Crane for more information.