Things You Can Do To Reduce The Risk Of Renting A Crane Bare

Sometimes renting a crane bare is necessary to get the job done. One of the upsides to renting a crane unmanned includes being able to personally select your crane operator that you may already have a professional rapport with. Also, if an extremely special crane is needed, a bare crane can be shipped from an international location without worrying about language barriers or the added cost of "renting" the operator as well. However, crane rentals possess their own special set of risks, because an operator from the rental company is not present, which puts your company on the hook for any equipment mistakes or malfunctions.

Assess the condition of the equipment upon arrival

Once your crane is delivered to your job site, make sure that you inspect the machine for any cosmetic defects. Ask the company representative if the crane has ever had any mechanical issues. Make sure to note any obvious wear and tear on the vehicle. After walking around the crane and making any necessary notes, have the representative sign off on the inspection.

Know the qualifications and experience of your crane operator

Make sure that your crane operator is certified and has experience operating this type of crane under the conditions that are present. Conditions such as the type of building material that is being used and also the weather that is likely to occur during the period of crane rental. You chosen operator may have experience with this type of crane on flat soil during spring weather, while you are planning to use the crane on rocky terrain under windy conditions.

Have the proper insurance coverage

Double check that your liability insurance covers the monetary value of the crane that is being rented. Also check to see that your insurance covers injuries that are sustained on rented equipment.

Assess the job site conditions properly

Before you call or email to set up bare rental cranes, make note of the specific terrain and type of location that the crane will be used on. Make sure that there is adequate access to the job site for the size of the crane that needs to be rented. Be sure to relay all of this information and any unusual concerns that are unique to this particular location.

With a bit of planning, research, the proper insurance coverage, and a reliable crane operator, your bare crane rental will be safe, productive, and practical.