Choosing The Right Crane For Your Job

There are many different types of cranes that are available for use, depending on the job that you are intending to do. This article will walk you through the types of cranes that are available:

Overhead cranes:

Overhead cranes are exactly what they sound like, cranes that run overhead. These cranes consist of long bars welded to either side of a room that can assist in lifting and moving boxes and other heavy equipment around a room or large structure, such as a warehouse. These often have mechanical hoists that are used to control height of lifting and direction of movement of the crane.

These cranes are often used in warehouses as mentioned earlier, but also are found widely in the steel manufacturing industry. This type of crane is very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. The drawbacks to this type are simply that they aren't able to handle large loads.

Mobile cranes:

Mobile cranes are the cranes that people think of the most. They are the long armed mobile platforms. These are platforms with either a truss or a telescopic boom that is mounted on a platform with wheels in order to be able to be moved where ever it needed to be. These cranes very in size, so they can be extremely versatile. Some examples of mobile cranes include: truck-mounted cranes, side-lifter cranes, pick and carry cranes, and crawler cranes.

These cranes are used primarily in large scale projects, such as building a house or repairing structures. This obviously costs more than the smaller overhead cranes, and it can lift more and is mobile from building to building.

 Fixed cranes:

Fixed cranes are exactly as they sound, cranes that are fixed, immobile and built to say where they are. These cranes are able to carry much more than any of the other types of cranes discussed here. They are also able to reach much greater heights than the others and are much more stable. They are much more costly to assemble than the others though they have the other benefits as outlined above.

There you are, a quick and outline of the different types of cranes and their various uses depending on the situation it is needed for. Be sure that whatever crane you chose you research it further to ensure that it is the right make for your project, be it big or small. To learn more, contact a professional crane rental service like A C Jones Trucking Inc.